I-130 Packet: Bona Fide Evidence Example

You must include in your I-130 packet evidence that your relationship with your foreign spouse is legitimate. In order to do so include things such as photos together, video chat logs, phone call logs, social media interaction, tickets from visits to each other, receipts from you wedding rings, shared lease, shared accounts, etc.

We personally wrote a story of our relationship of how we met. Included was evidence through photos, screenshots of videos we had made for each other, and logs from messages throughout the months of our contact.

Hannah Jackson
Zouhair Amahda
Hannah Jackson


  1. Visa

    السلام عليكم انا بغيت نسول على المرحلة 2 من الفيزا( الالتحاق بالزوج) شنو هي الإجراءات ديالها و تقريبا شحال كتاخد ديال الوقت

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