Hi, I'm Hannah and I am happily living in the US with my husband, Zouhair.


We met online in 2015 through Instagram and I couldn't feel more lucky to be his wife.


I left the United States in March 2016 to live with Zouhair in his home country of Morocco.


We applied for CR1 visa and waited a year for it to be approved. During that time we became new parents in January 2017 to a little boy named, Remy! I couldn't be more proud to be his mom and see his smiling face every day. He is already bringing light into this world.


We moved the United Stated March 2017 and now we are looking for jobs while hoping to grow our online presence through this blog and our YouTube channel.


Feel free to ask me, Zouhair, or Remy :D any questions any time!

Meet Remy!!!

Remy Amahda is our son. Remy was born in Tangier, Morocco at Bennis Clinique on January 29, 2017.

Hi, I'm zouhair From Morocco from Tetouan city. I have a diploma in IT Technician I'm new in the US, I'm searching for a job similar to what I studied; hopefully I can get it sooner.


We have a son called Remy. He is so cute. He's not ready yet to write about himself. Hannah and I are working to use the strategies of life to help us and help him to develop some skills in childhood to be talented. We're working to teach him more than one language. We have trust in him that he will do it.


The life in the US is different and I like challenges and adventures. Every day I learn something new.


We're still working in the blog and we will try to share our experience with you and allow you to feel through our perspective.