We're pregnant!

“Do you want children?” “One day, yes, when I’m financially secure and can support a family.”

The typical question and typical answer most of us have witnessed in our life at some point.

Well, I am having a baby and I’m not financially secure. I don’t even have a job. I’m not even in my home country and I don’t know exactly when I will be.

We Have a Baby

Currently, I am 22 weeks and 4 days pregnant; over the halfway mark to meeting my child! <3

My bump is slowly growing. I feel my baby boy moving, kicking, punching, and break dancing at various times throughout the day. It makes me and my husband smile and laugh.

Should we be laughing? We’re not “prepared.” Should we be fearful and regretful?

I think enjoying this pregnancy and looking forward to parenthood is one of the most beautiful aspects of life.

Do you think my bank account should steal this happiness from me? You can think that, but I will not believe you or agree.

“Why have a baby now? Why not wait until your visa is finished and you both find jobs? You don’t have a plan. You’re irresponsible. How are you going to be good parents?”

I will be honest. These thoughts cross my mind, as I’m sure the thoughts have passed through my friends and family’s minds when they’re not showering me in best wishes and hopes for our growing family. Every situation in life has a good and a bad side based on perspective.

This pregnancy came at the perfect time. How do I know? Because God doesn’t make mistakes with timing.

I’m carrying a brand new life that I already love in a way that I can’t explain. It’s a new feeling of love. It’s the love only a mother can proudly feel and I am one lucky woman to be this child’s mother and to share this parenthood chapter with my husband, Zouhair (one handsome father he will be)!

I am more than excited to meet our little peena peena and grow as a mother spiritually, emotionally, and physically (in the belly, of course) as we approach nine months and the birth of our baby boy!


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