How the Idea of the Visa Came

Before Hannah came to Morocco we had a lot of dreams. We were preparing to have a job in Morocco and build our life and make a family here. The idea of getting a visa and going to Hannah’s country came from her.

We were coming back home from Casablanca when we went to collect the affidavit of marriage from the Embassy. Hannah surprised me when she told me "I’m going to apply for a visa for you and take you with me to the USA. There we have a lot of opportunities together contrary to Morocco." She tried to find a job but she found just two opportunities either as an English teacher or at a call center.

Morocco Mall - Casablanca, Morocco April 29, 2016

Morocco Mall - Casablanca, Morocco April 29, 2016

She has a diploma in Photojournalism, but even if you try to find a job in the same specialty, your luck is lacking because the languages of the country are Arabic and French.

We applied for the visa April 29th and we are still waiting for it; now we’re half of the way there. I’m so excited for my new life in a new country that’s going to teach me and give me more experience in my life. 2017 will be the starter of the new life in USA Insha Allah.


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