USCIS: Our I-130 Packet

This is simply our specific steps for filing our I-130 Spouse visa packet. The steps and specific processes might change based on your specific situation and time of application.

Visa I-130 Packet

The Visa Forms:

Step 1: Download -> I-130, Petition for Alien Relative as well as the Instructions pdf

Step 2: Download -> 2 copies (one for the petitioner, one for the beneficiary)

G-325A, Biographic Information pdf

Step 3: Download -> G-1145, e-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance

This form will let USCIS know that you would like to receive text message and Email updates rather than only relying on the post or through MyUSCIS case status feature through the USCIS website.

The Supporting Documents:

A cover for your packet (See our example here to the right)

Basic information: Title, name of petitioner, filed from abroad (if applicable to you).

A cover letter (See our example here)

This document is like the contents of a book. Organize and list all of what is inside of your I-130 packet.

A copy of your birth certificate or certificate of naturalization or ALL passport pages from the petitioner.

A copy of the beneficiary’s birth certificate.

A copy of your marriage certificate.

If this, or any other document, is in any language other than English, be sure to translate it to English before sending.

A copy of a divorce/annulment decree or previous spouse’s death decree (if applicable)

Two 2x2 photographs of you (the petitioner) and 2 of your spouse (the beneficiary (aka applicant))

Attach the photos to each individual’s G325A.

On the back of each photograph include the full name and date of birth of the applicable person. Do this in PENCIL and attach with a paperclip to the petitioner’s G325A form as well as the beneficiary’s G325A form.

Bona Fide Evidence of you relationship (See our examples here)

This is basically examples to show USCIS that your relationship is true and not a fraud.

You can use photos, receipts for wedding rings, message logs, call logs, emails, video chat logs, tickets from visits to each other, etc.

A personal check or money order for the I-130 filing fee ($420 as of 2016) written out to the Department of US Homeland Security.

DO NOT forget to sign any of your forms or else they will be considered invalid by USCIS and you will have to start over. It’s so easy to forget!


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