How to Apply for a Family Book in Morocco?

What is a family book and why does Morocco use it ?? We will have a baby boy soon Insha Allah and we didn't know exactly when and where the baby will be born. In case the visa is delayed we made our decision to apply for the Moroccan family book. The process seems complicated to apply for a family book in Morocco. You need to ask to many places to be successful in what you are doing, because if you start searching online for how to apply for a family book in Morocco, you will find things different. We started searching online for how to apply and we found documents just for Moroccan citizens, but our situation is different as I'm a Moroccan citizen with a foreign wife.

To find the documents that you need online is nearly impossible. When we went to Mokata'a to ask what the documents were that we needed to apply for this book, they gave us universal answers. They didn't know that the documents they requested for Moroccan citizens were not the same for an American citizen. This was my conversation with the officer in Mokata'a :

Me: "Salamo Alaykom we need to apply for a family book for a Moroccan husband and a foreign wife. What are the documents we need?" Worker: "Wa alaykom Salam Where are you living?" Me : "In Tetouan City?" Worker: "You need a copy from your ID Card, 2 pictures, a copy from your certificate of marriage and "Noskha Kamila". Me : "What about my wife?" Worker: "Where is she from?" Me: "From America."

Worker : "She needs "Noskha Kamila" and a copy from her ID Card." Me :"From where will she bring this "Noskha Kamila"? Worker: "From the place that she was born "which meant from her country"... If you think about her answer you need to take a plane to America and spend a lot of money and see if you can find it or not. They thought traveling to another continent is easy.

If you are a Moroccan citizen and you live in another city, yes you need to go to your city that you born in and you can bring that paper easily because your information is in that city.

We were confused about the "Noskha Kamila" and what they call it in America and if they have it or not. We asked many places and they said the same answers to everyone; they didn't care if you had the same documents as morocco in your country or not, but to just bring them what they requested from you.

I tried to translate that word from Arabic to English to explain to Hannah what exactly that paper meant, but the translation was like this 'Copy Complete' or 'Full Copy'. I know in Arabic what the meaning of this paper was, it has more extended information than her birth certificate, but Hannah didn't understand it yet because they didn't use it. We came back home and we made some research about these documents. Hannah made a post on a Facebook group for foreign people that are living in Morocco to ask them about this paper and they were helpful and we appreciated it.

What we understood was that the "Noskha Kamila" was a full birth certificate and they didn't have it in America because they use just a normal, short-form birth certificate. A woman said they have this "long-form" birth certificate in the UK and a women from the same group said her husband applied for it and to just use her birth certificate. Some people needed to translate it, we didn't, but every office has different rules. We were lucky Hannah had two birth certificates her mom sent her to use in Morocco for all the documents that she needs to apply for. The next day we went back to Mokata'a to finish applying and an officer asked me, "Did you bring all the documents?"

I said, yes.

She asked me about Hannah's Noskha Kamila (full birth certificate) and I gave her just the normal US birth certificate. She read it and then she sent us to another bureau. We went together and we gave it to another officer with the other documents and it worked this time. The documents for Moroccan citizen: A full birth certificate (Noskha Kamila) you have it in the same place. A Copy for ID Card. 2 Pictures. Certificate of Marriage. The documents for Foreign: A full birth certificate or Birth certificate: Copy for ID Card: And after two days we went back to pick up the family book and we needed to pay for a stamp. The price was 50 DH ($5).

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