"Trash" we liked to start this post with this word because this is what we are seeing everywhere when we're outside. COP22 this year is in Morocco and I don't now if I need to feel proud or pissed.

Martil, Morocco trash along sewage water near the city's marketplace.

Let's start with the second. If you want to sit somewhere or walk any where you are not going to feel comfortable in anyway. And about feeling proud, because my country has the fortunate opportunity to organize this event, of course everyone is going to feel proud about seeing their country as a host.

The things that make me feel less proud about my country is when they make one city nice, beautiful and perfect because it is the host of the event while the other cities stay pretty bad. The trash cans don't get cleaned, they wait for the rain to do it, which means every winter, the area of the trash is always the same.

When we said the country we meant the citizens, too. Too many people are walking in the street eating something and they didn't care where they will put the trash because every street is the trash for them without thinking about it. They can't wait for a short time to find a trash can. Trash maintenance is a priority for other countries in the world because the rules are clear. In Morocco, there is nothing more to talk about we just need to act.

The mind of the people is very different some people like things to be clean and for others it seems they like to see it bad, per example, I always remember all the time how people were so mad and upset about the buses in my city because they were very bad with old chairs and it was very dangerous to ride them. The bus engines were old, the wheels, the brakes, and too many accidents happened. Now we have new buses and people didn't care about them. The people didn't seem to care about the buses clean or keeping the things good. People would eat sunflower seeds and throw the shells on the ground for, example. Some people would even write on the brand new chairs of the buses. Every bus had alarms to push to stop the bus. The alarms worked just for a short time because people kept touching it and made the driver annoyed because he didn't know where exactly to stop. That happened too may times until the company decided to take out that alarm.

Why do the people not care? This question is in my head every time I see someone making something bad. The street, the city, the country all is yours. Is what your doing changing the world? Anything simple, what ever it is, good or bad, is affecting the world. My idea to make the country clean is for the government to make the first step and then we can have one day for work, or not work just for fun to clean the area that you living in. It is going to make people the next time know how to throw the trash away properly and make their places clean.

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