The Meeting

“When did you meet each other?” A question a lot of people that have fallen in love online face multiple times. “We met online through Instagram.”

How the people feel after hearing this answer and whatever direction their minds wander is their business and I respect their freedom of thought. The important take-away is to never judge anyone for their decisions with who they choose to love, how they fell in love, or anything regarding such personal experiences.

Why? Because no one in this world can comprehend or understand exactly what entailed for a couple to share love between each other. No once can predict the future, either. It’s easiest for everyone to accept that love is beautiful and everyone feels it and if he decides to share his feelings for her and she decides to share her feelings for him, and they are in symmetry, then rest assured they’re most likely happy!

Zouhair and I met for the first time on Instagram and met in-person in the Casablanca airport!

After deciding to get married, which was an easy decision for both of us; I collected all necessary documents from the US (which can be read about in-detail here) and bought a plane ticket that would fly me from Indianapolis, Indiana to New York to Paris, France to Casablanca, Morocco.

I imagined every day (and night)…every second, really about what it would be like to finally look into Zouhair’s eyes and hug him and be in his presence.

The afternoon of March 3, 2016 Zouhair and I were FINALLY in the same country with each other. My heart was pounding with anticipation and excitement.

I felt comfortable and at peace even in this new country I had never been to meeting someone I had never truly met “in real life.” I will never forget this feeling. After getting off the plane I waited in a long line to enter the actual airport and get my Morocco stamp added to my passport. The temperature was chilly and the line of people in front and around me was disorganized, but all I could think about was the fact that Zouhair was in the same building as me. I sent him messages as I slowly inched closer and closer to him.

My passport had a fresh stamp and I entered baggage claim to find my two suitcases strangely by themselves near the belt return. I grabbed my bags and scanned every crevice of my surroundings for Zouhair. “Where is he? Can he see me? Do I look okay? Is my heart still beating? Am I breathing?” I successfully finish scanning my luggage one last time and I received a message. “I see you.” I still couldn’t see him, so now my every move was thought out as I didn’t want to trip and fall or embarrass myself in any way; It sort of felt like I was on a Miss America pageant runway or something. I exited the baggage claim area and scanned the new surroundings, but before I finished scanning the last wall I see someone walking towards me. Oh my gosh, it’s HIM! We walk up to each other faces full of smiles and hug each other for the first time ever. The feeling was one in a million and I felt so lucky to finally be in his arms.

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