How I started learning English?!

I never dreamed I would speak English very well in my life. I like Spanish so much. I have family living in Ceuta city in Spain and their language is Spanish.

When I was I kid I visited them all the time and I spent my time with them, especially on vacation. I would stay with them for a week, a month, or more depending on which vacation it was. This helped me to know Spanish more than any other language without studying it. When I became an adult my dream was to choose this language in school or to register in a private school.

Three years in university I tried to choose the Spanish language as my second foreign language, but this did not happen because the year that I needed to choose my dream language my parents moved to another area of the city, which meant that I had to move to a new school, and every school has different rules.

The time that I registered in that school they told me the second language that I would have that year was English. I couldn’t believe it because this language was very strange for me. I imagined all the time that I would study Spanish in the future and I imagined myself being the good guy that knows Spanish that would go far with it.

The future changed in one second. I tried to talk with the school and they tried to show me that English is the “language of the world.” I didn’t listen to any of it. I just thought to myself about it. As I write these sentences and I remember exactly every step that happened, it makes me come back 7 years ago.

I started learning this English language and I felt lost. It wasn’t what I wanted, but then eventually I liked it and I said to myself that this is a new language and it is going to be more language than I already have and it was exactly true.

What if I didn’t register in English classes? I don’t think I would be writing this article and before that I don’t think I would have gotten married with an American and speak English every day of my life. My life would be completely different.

I think I learned in the past six months, more than I learned in 2 years of school in English. I remember I was helping myself use Google translate to talk with Hannah in the chat all the time. Some words were so hard for me to understand.

When Hannah came to morocco I had a problem in pronunciation and I had problems understanding what she was saying. I would have to ask her to slow down, but now she asks me to slow down! (I’m just kidding)

I still have problems pronouncing some words, but I think in the future I will be better. I still improve myself.

Hannah all the time she’s by my side helping me with every word or sentence that I don’t understand or that I can’t pronounce. Without her I think my level in English would be bad.

Everyone dreams to have a teacher to teach and correct them, but I’m lucky. I thank her too much for helping me with everything. She doesn’t have any problem with it.

That thinking makes me keep going to learn new things.

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