Our Experience Getting Alergy Test Done For Our Son

If you know about allergies, then you know the list can go on and on for their potential symptoms.

Remy experienced months of a cough that would not go away. We used natural remedies, homeopathics, herbs, humidifiers, and more to help try to help his body fight the source of the constant coughing. Eventually, we took him to his pediatrician for a second opinion. The pediatrician decided to try a chest x-ray and prescribed Remy a children's form of Zyrtec. The lungs looked clear in the x-ray and the doctor also recommended an allergy test to see if allergies were the culprit for his chronic cough. On January 10th, Remy finally had his allergy test appointment. Neither Remy, Zouhair, nor I knew what to expect at the appointment. Remy's intake was with a nurse and then we were met with by a nurse practitioner. After describing what was going on with Remy, the nurse returned and had Remy remove his shirt. Remy does not like removing his shirt, so even that was hard for him. I was finally able to remove his shirt and he laid down on the table while the nurse wrote various numbers and letters down and across his back. Remy wiggled and giggled from the marker tickling his sensitive skin.

The nurse gave a little bit of warning before she began to jab little viles of fluid according to each letter and number down Remy's sensitive back. Remy did not enjoy this part whatsoever. He very quickly burst into tears and wanted off the table immediately. He was not happy with me at all and he felt I betrayed him. It broke my heart, but the whole process took about 30 seconds. The "H" at the top of Remy's back represented the "Histamine" which acted as a test to show how Remy's skin reacts to irritants and how it releases histamines. The letters and numbers represented different common allergens including: Indoor Inhalants Weed Pollen/Grass Pollen/Tree Pollen Mold His results all came back negative, meaning he does not have an allergy to any of the allergens they tested for. The doctors mentioned that it is possible for young children to not show a skin reaction to allergens, so it is possible for him to test positive later on. This news was a little bit disappointing, because it meant this test could have been inconclusive. Their final suggestion was to give Remy a nasal spray to decrease nasal inflammation and to continue taking Zyrtec for the next 3 months and then reconvene.

Overall, we are a little more at ease to see he didn't show strong dermal indication for a major allergy. For now, we are going to continue seeing how Remy's body heals and continues to grow. Thanks to God, Remy is a very healthy boy and we hope he continues down the path of health and wellness. If your child sufferes allergies, we highly recommend purchasing a hepa certified vacuum and a good air purifier. These two things have eliminated 90% of Remy's symptoms and he has been healthy since we purchased those two household items. Let us know in the comments if you have allergies and what has helped you. We are here to help each other. Love what you do and catch us on our next blog! Also, check out our YouTube channel "Hannah and Zouhair" to see our past and upcoming videos! #allergies #childrensallergies #pediatricallergytest #allergytest #indianapolis #fishers #indiana #zyrtec #homeopathics #herbs #naturalremedies