Baby Yoda Game | Bop It

We received this toy as a family game, we gave it a try and it was entertaining for all of us.

Now that Remy is almost 5, he can enjoy games with us, too. If you're looking for a fun family game, this Baby Yoda Bop It game is definitely worth a try. It is competitive, addicting (in a good way), and helps strengthen your skills of attention, focus, and hand-eye coordination. Click the video to watch how the game works and catch a few laughs from Remy and his sense of humor. We were surprised by what Hannah achieved, too! What a surprise! We hope you enjoy! Leave a comment and let us know what game you'd like to see us try next.

We did a video playing this game as a family you can watch it on YouTube on our channel Hannah and Zouhair.

We hope you enjoy watching it.