Breastfeeding From a Dads Perspective

I was wishing for my wife to be able to breastfeed and my wish succeeded. She's breastfeeding and she's almost to finish two years. Before I got married I had no experience with the challenge of breastfeeding.

Getting married and deciding to have a baby is the greatest decision you do with your partner and hearing from your wife she's pregnant is the biggest happiness in your life and I'm grateful for our healthy baby boy. My wife was thinking about breastfeeding and she was doing research about it a lot, to see moms experience and tries to avoid what you need to avoid. Personally, I didn't make any research about it I just faced it and heard from her.

I heard from my wife that she's feeling pain in her nipples and they're getting sensitive from the bad latch. I didn't know what to do to help her. What I knew at that moment is my wife has 2 years goal of breastfeeding.

While you're developing inside of your mom during the nine months, moms will start caring about your health and how you will look like after you born, they started taking care of themselves more than usual going for doctor's appointments often and checking about you, taking supplements, starting eating a healthy diet and more. This instinct is something beautiful in every mom in this world.

While all the moms are close from birth they started thinking about breastfeeding, they know it is good for their babies and it is healthier than formula. Modern science and conformity to the Islamic religion that the mother's milk is better and recommended for two years... all the moms go through deep thinking about breastfeeding, one side telling them to do it and the other one telling them NO.

Everything has cons and pros in this life, maybe moms they don't have any idea about breastfeeding they think will be easy. But all of them they go through a lot of pain and most of the dads don't know how that feels like.

We spent the whole pregnancy in Morocco and the most challenging part of it for Hannah is breastfeeding outside, from my perspective I was encouraging her to breastfeed anywhere if the baby needs it without feeling embarrassed or judged, our culture they believe the breastfeed and they understand it. Most women try to breastfeed and make it as the first choice and formula is the second option and if it doesn't work then they switch it and everybody is different you have to remember that if you decided to stop breastfeeding you have to stop judging yourself.

in the US they don't encourage you to breastfeed outside, some people think it is something unacceptable to do. They don't see it as something healthy for the baby and that its source of food, they expect the baby and you to be perfect. Don't try to please the community around you, do what you feel you have to do, it is inconsistent for what we see in the TV and "outside" (Mall, street ads, beach...).

My wife still breastfeeding our baby Remy for 20 months, she went through a hard time since birth, she has a goal for two years breastfeeding we're believing it is good for him and for every baby in the world, the science found out the breast milk is something amazing and has a lot of benefit than formula verifying what Holy Quran says. Mothers born with a deep power than fathers, They don't ask for help they prof to you they can do it and of course, they do it. Just waking up at night many times for breastfeeding, it is not easy at all. Between 0 to 3 months wasn't something easy for her, the nipples didn't get used to the suction, makes them painful and to keep going you're supposed to believe it is going to get better and you'll forget that pain in the future while it's going to start feeling great. Hannah found a cream for nipples online while she was doing her research, this cream helps to moisturize the nipples and helps them to recover from the bad latch, and helped her to go through those hard moments, she will recommend it for everybody and to buy it it's available on Amazon: AVENT Nipple Cream. From three to six months it was the best moments for breastfeeding and when Remy got bigger his teeth started to come and everything turned back to pain and brought the memories while he was a newborn.

The teething comes and goes while the new teeth started growing and the moms they don't know if the baby will eat or just looking for comfort. You have to believe it's going to be temporary you need to have a lot of support around to help you forget those bad moments of breastfeeding.

Our spouses they're looking for support more than anything else, support gives them the energy that is going to help them to feed the baby and go through the hard times and help our babies to grow healthy.

While he was a newborn and he was eating a lot I wished I could breastfeed too and help my wife to get some rest because the nipples get tired and painful each time he goes to eat. Even now at night when she takes responsibility for the baby to put him to sleep I keep wishing for that just to help her because she doesn't get breaks from that and he got used to it and that his source of comfort.

If you you're expecting a baby and your wife want to breastfeed the best gift you can give her is support, because she will face a lot of emotions and bad times and try to stop while her mind telling her to keep going and what she's expecting to hear from you is the same "KEEP GOING". While you decided to have a baby you both made that decision so both of you need to be a team to support each other in those hard moments. It is not that difficult to support your wife and that's the only thing while you're having a break of thinking about feeding your baby you need to feed your wife with nice words and stay in her side the whole time while she needs you.

all of us we need to thank our mothers of what they did for us while we were babies and nothing in this world that we can give them to thank them for what they did for us, only pray to God to make their life happy and give them a wonderful livelihood.

Special thanks to my wife that she's sacrificing her life to grow a healthy baby.

I love you.