[CR1] My Interview Experience in Casablanca Embassy [I-130]

After a long wait for almost one year from the time when we applied for I-130 visa, we felt so happy when we received an email from NVC telling us the interview date that would be at the US Embassy in Casablanca. The NVC step wasn't long, comparing it to USCIS which lasted for more than seven months, once they send your file to the NVC, it feels that you are closer to the end of getting your visa, I prepared a lot for the interview day by searching on Youtube, reading about p[eople experience to prepare your mind and have little knowledge of what you're going to face on that day.

My interview time at the embassy was at one o'clock in the afternoon. I left Tetouan city in northern Morocco at 5 am on a bus. It was a quick five hours journey. I arrived there and wandered around the city waiting for 1pm to come and start the interview. Then I went to the US Embassy eager a new experience in my life.

Before you go to the US Embassy you have to know what things you should and you should not bring with you to the embassy. If you have a large purse filled with inappropriate things and the security people will prevent you from taking it with you inside but do not worry you will find there a trusted guy outside the embassy. He is a car guard you will find him in the street next to the embassy. This is his job. He will also watch your bags and anything the Embassy doesn't want you to have inside until you're done with your interview. You have to pay him for his service though. I remember giving him 10DH for his service

If you brought a phone with you, they will prevent you from entering it and will ask you to turn it off. But at the entrance in the second security check, they will take your phone from you and give you a number, Then you pick it up back when you're done with your interview process. You are now inside the embassy and what you need do is to go to the front and make sure you give them your passport, then you go to sit and wait until they call your name and window number. If you do not speak English comfortably, don't worry they will give you the option to speak in Arabic or French. they have translators. They will make your process easier. First, they will call you for fingerprints and then return to your place to sit until you hear your name for the interview, while you're doing these steps you'll get comfortable and adapt to the place. You have to calm down as much as possible and remember that you are coming to the interview to give the Consul all the information about your marriage and honestly answer all their questions.

Remember to bring with you all the original documents that have sent to USCIS and NVC in case the Consul ask to see the originals. After one hour of waiting, I heard my name and the window number where I will be doing my interview. I was very excited. I talk to the consul in English and you have the options to speak Arabic or French if you are not comfortable speaking in English. The person who interviewed me was a very nice person and everything went through appropriate conditions and all the questions were general, here are some questions I remembered:

How did you meet each other? Where did you meet and when? What did your wife study? What did your wife work?

He asked me if I met her family before. I said yes, they came to visit us in Morocco and I told him I have some pictures with them. Then I started to show him pictures from the album with an explanation and a reference to the time of each one. This is how the interview went, simple questions and normal conversation. What important is that you have to look comfortable and confident during the interview process.

To avoid having rejection after the interview is to make sure you send all the necessary documents from the first step to USCIS and NVC here's a website will help you through your filling process Visajourney, here you can create an account and ask for help from a visa journey expat during our process this website was very helpful to us.

The great thing to hear during the interview process is "your visa got approved" this sentence will let you forget all the long waiting and stress that you had with your spouse throughout the visa journey. At that moment I wished for my wife to hear that with me at the same time. She did most the work for the visa by searching and double check with all the documents, organizing, and much more I felt she deserves to hear it with me.

One of the main documents that you should bring with you is a photo album with your both families including wedding photos or wedding ceremony photos are indicative of a good relationship between you and your spouse.

After one week you will go to pick up your passport from Aramex office. You must enter the US territory within three months of receiving the visa Before you travel, remember to pay for the visa at USCIS. The amount is $ 165. These all are will sound a lot of information to you if you're still in the first step, just take it to step by step and remember to make research and ask questions.

lately, I found this video from USA consulate in Rabat they shared it on their channel on YouTube shows you the interview process.

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