Filling I-751 Form To Remove Conditions

We finally submitted our I-751 Application to Remove Conditions! We used to think getting a Visa to live in a foreign country was the first and last step, but that is not the case. Our particular experience with a spouse Visa is that after 2 years we need to apply to remove the 2-year conditional residency.

In order to remove those conditions we basically had to prove that we are still happily living together and that our marriage is and was legitimate. That means paperwork. Documents, and evidence just like our first Visa processing! Yayyy!!! It all starts with the I-751 application itself to be all filled in and signed followed by MONEY. In 2019 the current price for filing the I-751 app is $595 plus an $85 biometric service fee.

Ouch. After the application and the fee you will include things like copies of your green card, marriage certificate, driver's license, proof of address, bank statements, criminal records, photos, affidavits, etc.

We decided to follow the website page for I-751 filing instructions. We also consulted with visajourney pages to get an idea of creating a cover letter for our application packet. The cover page is more of a cover letter that lists both parties names (Hannah and Zouhair) our address, social security numbers, Zouhair's Alien number, followed by a Table of Conents for the immigration officers to easily follow our application packet like a story book.

An example of I-751 Folder Cover Sheet.

We also went in and highlighted our names/addresses for the officer to easily locate them on our documents. After we triple checked our work and referenced the instructions we sent our application packet to USPS to be delivered to the corresponding USCIS location for Indiana. We shipped Express in order to get it there quickly and safely. Now we are waiting to hear back. Let us know if you have any questions about the process for removing the conditions from you or your spouse's green card.