My Story: Medical Exam For US Visa I-130 / K1

Start counting down for your visa interview day when you receive a letter from NVC telling you about it. What of the most important things you have to do is get you medical folder done up to a month before your interview day and that's exactly what I did. Let share with you my experience and tips of what I learned trying to collect my medical exam folder.

The rules are different from country to another, it could be easy or the opposite. In Morocco especially it wasn't an easy experience by traveling to Casablanca to see a doctor for a medical health.

When you receive your interview letter, NVC will tell you know exactly when you need to get your medical exam done, having it early is much better done rushing, in the last minutes.

Personally I got it done in 2 weeks before the interview day. I had to call the doctor and make an appointment in advince. At that day I went to Casablanca early morning and be there at the doctor's office at 8:30am. I took with me the interview letter and some other documents including my 4x4 pictures. When you make your appointment make sure to double check what documents you are required to bring and also ask them how much money you'll be spending in the doctor's office, Xray, blood, urine test, and also vacines. It was for me about 2200 DH which is arround $200.

Be ready to travel between the labs when yo go to Casablanca it is a hug city, the the doctor's office and the labs were so far from each other and be prepared to spend the whole day to get this process done. It requires few hours. I left the office around 9:30am and before I left they gave me 2 envelopes to take with me, one will be for the urine and blood lab and the second one will be for X-ray lab. They told me to go and start with urine and blood test first because I was fasting at that moment and that is the protocol for the blood test to see a clear result. I was done from this lab around 11am then I went to the X-ray lab, it took me there almost an hour. I got out and then I waited for the result for almost 2 hours. Finally I went back to collect my results from both labs and take them back to the the doctor's office at 4 pm.

The doctor was busy with patients. The front desk told me to go to a nearst pharmacy and buy some specific vaccines the right vaccines that USA requiers you to have. Bringing your childhood vaccine records will help you in this situation to avoid paying extra cash for extra vaccines. Ansewring no or I don't remember when they ask you if you had that vaccine when you were a child. you'll end up buying extra vaccines. So make sure to find the record for your vaccines or at least ask a member of your family who remembers you childhood. This way you'll be giving the right answer.

Taking with you extra cash for Transportation/food/miscellaneous... is not a bad idea, with Taxis only by going back and forth between the labs I spent more that 200 DH. When it comes to travel always you have to be precuation in case of emergency. To find the right doctor in Casablanca and works with US Embassy there's a list for the them listed in the main USA Embassy in Casablanca website, also you can google the doctors and ask them if they do work with US Embassy not all the doctors are approved by the Casablanca Embassy so please double check before you do a step.

When you are done with your doctor ask if they will take your final exam to the USA embassy or will give it to you directly. Some doctors will do and some of them not.

Another tip I can tell you about is keeping your car at home is much better than driving it to Casablanca "CRAZY" traffic, you better use public transportation to protect yourself from stress especially if you weren't familiar with that. Also there's Uber company in Casablanca that you can add to your transportation list.

The doctor handled the medical folder to me and I didn't need to take it with me to the US embassy for the interview day. I kept it safe at home. When we traveled to the USA I had to keep all of these documents including medical exam in my backpack "easy access". At the airport you have to give it all to the police border when they ask you about it.

We hope you have a good luck with your visa journey, share with us your thought and your experience about medical exam for US Visa I-130 / K1. Let us know if there's any updates happend after 2016 process by conatcting us from here.