The First Step in The USA

On 29 March 2017, I entered the USA with Marriage visa CR1. I was super excited to fly to my wife's country and decide to live with her there. My first step it was in Newark airport in New Jersey. Everything was different, people, language, infrastructure, cars, weather, even air... everything is different.

Just hearing people talking a different language that I didn't get used to hearing people talking with, it feels like something not normal to me, it took me a while to realize and believe I'm in the USA, I never thought I will be in the here someday.

In Morocco we're limited traveling out of the country, you find it difficult to travel outside of the country especially to EU or America, our passport is classified for the poorest passports in the world, give you access to travel to a few countries in the world. Otherwise, you'll have to apply for a visa. Applying for a visa from Morocco it's not something simple, you have to go through a lot of paperwork and you need to have a good job with a very good company and have extra money so you can show the consulate a proof of your income and prof you'll plan to come back after you finish visiting the country that you're applying for. That's the reason we don't travel outside of Morocco.

for the first entry to the USA, you have to check in with immigration officers in the airport, the check in took us few minutes, you have to give them the folder that you picked up from Aramex with your passport. You SHOULD NOT open it, an Officer will check your passport and will put a temporary I-551 stamp, this stamp is very important to apply for a temporary ID card.

Officially you're in the USA. While you are walking through the checking process your luggage is getting ready for you in the other side of the airport, and at the airport they have a small design of statue of liberty I took an opportunity and I stood by it for a picture and at the same time I still couldn't believe I'm in the US.

We were so tired with a long flight from Morocco to New York we decided to rest a night in a hotel beside New Ark airport and at the same time we planned to take advantage of staying in new york to visit the next day the famous places and have a tour in the city.

All of these things happened two months after Hannah's birth. Hannah was so excited to come back to her home country to see her family again and feel comfortable with the environment that she grew up in. The most beautiful part is I saw the excitement in her eyes while she's showing me something I experienced for the first time in the US and while she's teaching me something new.

While we were in Portugal for our stop, I met a guy from Morocco and he is from the same city that I'm from and the coincidence is, he is traveling to the USA for the first time and for the same reason, marriage visa. His wife was going to meet him in the USA.

Remy experienced to travel around the word after to months of being in earth From Morocco to Portugal To US. It was a little bit difficult for us to travel with him eight-hour flight from Morocco to the USA, Hannah was so patient the whole time. She took a good care of him.

We spent an enjoyable day in New York city seeing American style life for the first time while I got used to see it only on TV or social media, as well I took opportunity to have a memorable pictures in these places: Time Square, Statue of Liberty, Manhattan, and the best thing we did in New York is we took a tour using the tour bus so that gave us time to see more touristic places.

The next day after staying in New Jersey for one night, We traveled to Fort Wayne, IN, we had our flight from New Ark airport. Fort Wayne was the first city we have to visit and stay in, all Hannah's family are from there. It was an opportunity for us to go and see them and also it is good to stay with a family member in the beginning until you find a job and you'll be ready to move to your own place.